“Learn French/Spanish Through Music” Language Classes

A multi sensory approach to language acquisition based on songs chosen to teach a selection of vocabulary and sentence structures. Visual, audio and tactile stimuli are all intertwined to allow your child to acquire the language in depth while having fun. This method has proven to be effective with children as young as 6 months old!

Instrument playing, sing-along games, finger-play and puppets are used to enhance comprehension through repetition while hearing and feeling the rhythm of the language.

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LMA is open Friday, March 8th

LMA follows the Mamaroneck public schools decisions on snow day closings. For the earliest notice go to www.mamkschools.org.If Mamaroneck Public Schools are closed LMA will be closed as well. If Mamaroneck Public Schools are delayed all lessons and classes will take place as usual. If there is an early dismissal at Mamaroneck Schools LMA will close at noon.