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French Horn Lessons and Virtual French Horn Lessons

The versatility of the french horn knows no limit. With it’s diverse range and tones, the french horn can be found in many ensembles doing anything from bellowing powerful fanfares or singing sweet melodies. Taking private french horn lessons is a terrific way to introduce students to this magnificent instrument.

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Learning how to play the french horn introduces the student to diverse possibilities of expression. The french horn is a popular instrument and that is found in various groups of different scales such wind ensembles, orchestras and wind quintets. By taking private french horn lessons at LMA, our students are given the knowledge and tools that they need to pursue these artistic opportunities.

At Larchmont Music Academy, we begin with the foundations of healthy technique.
Controlled breathing, intonation, correct fingering, sight reading, self awareness and proper posture are some of the techniques that we introduce to our students from the very beginning. With our esteemed faculty and their intuition, we create a nurturing environment while guiding our students towards success through their musical journey.

Our educational yet fun private french horn lessons also help prepare our students for a variety of occasions such as Westchester All-County, All-State, auditions, recitals and many other performances.

Playing with others is a fantastic way to build communication and social skills while working on time management. Performing in an ensemble requires teamwork and dedication to a student's private practice as well as contributing to a group of individuals.

At LMA, students have the option of performing with their peers within our own wind, brass and chamber ensembles under the guidance of our esteemed faculty. These experiences help establish invaluable skills in our students through rehearsals and performances. These groups not only play in our own facilities but also perform in Carnegie Hall every year.

With our superior faculty and diverse outlets, Larchmont Music Academy is a fabulous place for students to learn the french horn in Westchester.

LMA is open Friday, March 8th

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