Larchmont Music Academy
Suzuki Program

Suzuki Program - Parent and Scheduling Requirements

The Larchmont Music Academy Suzuki Program brings the joy and power of music to children and their families around the community. Time and dedication from the student and their guardian are necessary for this method to truly blossom.

Parent Requirements

  1. Attendance at all lessons, group classes , and performance classes. (only one parent per child is required, although both, or grandparents are always welcome) Generally speaking, the parent who will be attending lessons and classes should also be the parent who is helping with the home practice. This parent is referred to as the “home teaching assistant.”
  2. 1 month of private lessons (4 lessons), the later 2 of which will be attended by the child.
  3. Agreement to help the child with daily practice and listening.
  4. Attend the Every Child Can class (1 time only)
  5. Be willing to attend a group parent class.
  6. (Highly recommended) Read Nurtured By Love S. Suzuki, To Learn With Love by William and Constance Starr, A Suzuki Parent’s Diary Or How I survived My First 10,000 Twinkles by Carroll Morris.

General Scheduling Rules

  1. Lessons are weekly, for 1 half hour- if both parent and teacher agree, lesson times can be lengthened.
  2. Weekly group class for 45 minutes.
  3. Monthly general group class: This is a required element of the program, but will have some flexibility, at the teachers' discretion. It will be either a general group lesson, with or without instruments, or it will be a performance class. This will also be the time slot that we will use for formal performances, 2 per semester if possible. Note: Any student in the Suzuki program may at any time also participate in non-Suzuki performances at the Larchmont Music Academy.
  4. 18 lessons per semester (first semester only 14, as the four parent lessons count towards the total)
  5. 18 group lessons per semester (again, only 14 first semester)

LMA is open Friday, March 8th

LMA follows the Mamaroneck public schools decisions on snow day closings. For the earliest notice go to Mamaroneck Public Schools are closed LMA will be closed as well. If Mamaroneck Public Schools are delayed all lessons and classes will take place as usual. If there is an early dismissal at Mamaroneck Schools LMA will close at noon.