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Learning and playing jazz will open the mind of any student! Jazz improvisation is composition in the moment. It requires listening, responding with imagination, as well as developing technique on your instrument. Jazz is about showing us the importance of our individuality while being able to make others around us, our fellow bandmates, sound great!

- Lucas Pino, Jazz Woodwind and Piano Faculty

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"Studying jazz improvisation is a gateway to learn how to compose. In our lessons we solidify our nuts-and-bolts knowledge of how music works, and how composers and improvisers choose their notes. Once you understand the theory behind the music, soon you'll be creating your own melodies, and in real time!"- Jess Jurkovic, LMA Jazz Piano Faculty

LMA is open Friday, March 8th

LMA follows the Mamaroneck public schools decisions on snow day closings. For the earliest notice go to Mamaroneck Public Schools are closed LMA will be closed as well. If Mamaroneck Public Schools are delayed all lessons and classes will take place as usual. If there is an early dismissal at Mamaroneck Schools LMA will close at noon.