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Recorder Lessons

Dating as far back as the 1500’s, the recorder has been singing to the world with its sweet and smooth tone. In modern times, this instrument is often used to help teach younger students the basic techniques and skills necessary to play music. Taking private recorders lessons is a fantastic way to introduce oneself to the joys of performing music.

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At Larchmont Music Academy, we believe in instilling the basics of musicality and technique to help our students flourish and master their instrument. Proper breathing, correct embouchure and note reading are some of the essential skills necessary to be a self sufficient musician. The confidence acquired from solid technique is an indispensable and precious trait that transfers easily from the stage to everyday life. From the physical motions to the mental states, the faculty at LMA covers all ground of performance technique to guide our private recorder students throughout their musical journeys.

The extra responsibilities gained by playing the recorder also helps students build character. Playing an instrument requires the student to develop time management skills and responsibility through scheduling extra activities like rehearsals and practice time. LMA offers private recorder students the opportunity to join one of our many chamber groups to get a chance to work with other students under the guidance of our superb faculty. The experience gained by performing an instrument alongside lessons in teamwork and communication are invaluable skills acquired. Playing the recorder in an ensemble is a terrific way to gain strength in these areas.

With so many opportunities, Larchmont Music Academy is a fabulous place to take private recorder lessons in Westchester County.

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